Dramatic armed robbery, assault and shooting caught on camera outside Indy gas station

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INDIANAPOLIS. — A dramatic attempted armed robbery and shooting was all caught on camera.

The crime took place outside a gas station early Thursday morning on the Indy’s near south side at Shelby and Raymond.

The victim pulled into the gas pump when he was immediately confronted with an armed and angry man.

The victim retreated with his hands up, but right away he began exchanging punches with the armed suspect.

After 30 seconds or so of scuffling, the pair slammed each other to the pavement.

“I knew I was going to die. That’s how I felt. That’s how he approached me,” said the victim Aaron Rapp.

Just 15 minutes before that assault and a mile away on Raymond Street, police say the same armed suspect threatened to shoot two women sitting in a car outside a home, but didn’t make any demands.

“He had the gun in my window, in my face, but he never asked for nothing. He didn’t ask for money or to get out of the car. He was just saying today he had a bad day,” said the victim who asked not to be identified. “I mean he just looked like he was really mad and upset.”

Tire tracks show how that woman, who asked not to be shown, slammed the gas and drove away before the suspect could pull the trigger.

“In my head I was yelling at the car to go,” said the woman. “I didn’t want to see my mom die in front of my face.”

Back at the gas station, with the armed suspect and Rapp still wrestling on the ground less than a minute after the fight began, a police squad car pulled into the lot.

The officer heard a shot fired and took control of the suspect who has been identified as 24-year-old Terry Trivett.

Rapp luckily suffered only a minor gunshot injury and will be okay. Police don’t encourage anyone to fight armed robbers, but in this case they admit all’s well that ends well.

“In this instance, we did have our victim fight back against the would-be robber which obviously, we don’t encourage. However, in this instance, with the good luck of our officer being right around the corner, the good guys win,” said IMPD Major Richard Riddle.

“Luckily I happened to get away from him. I just feel blessed, so blessed right now,” said Rapp.

The other two victims escaped without being hurt.

The suspect is facing a long list of possible charges.

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