Driver on Indy’s north side accelerates into swimming pool while attempting to park


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —  A car and its two occupants ended up eight feet underwater after a parking mishap led to the driver accelerating up a grassy berm, through a fence, and into a nearby swimming pool.

According to the Indianapolis Fire Department, the incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. Saturday near Anglican Cathedral Church of the Resurrection, located at 8263 Northbrook Court on Indy’s north side.

Firefighters were able to determine that the car’s occupants had been attempting to park in one of the church’s parking spaces when the driver may have hit the gas pedal, sending the car lurching up the berm and over a tree stump before crashing through a neighboring fence and into the swimming pool of a residence adjacent to the church.

The car is believed to have traveled 12 to 15 feet, altogether, from parking lot to pool.

Both adult occupants of the car exited the car and the pool on their own prior to the firefighter’s arrival.

The car had to be lifted out of the pool by a crane.

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