Drivers caught on camera breaking the law, speeding past school bus in Hendricks County

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. - Police are cracking down on drivers who are blowing past school buses illegally.

The problem has grown so bad in Hendricks County that a local mom caught the crime on camera and is speaking out before someone gets hurt.

“If a child passes that road and you are going 50 to 55 mph or even 40 mph, what are the chances of that child surviving?” said concerned mom Jessica Harmless.

Harmless shot cell phone video of at least three cars blowing right by a school bus on Tuesday morning. The bus was pulled over waiting to pick up kids at the bus stop. The bus had its flashing red safety lights on and was in the process of extending the stop arm.

The video shows that no one stops or even slows down, even when the bus driver lays on the horn.

“The first three cars came by pretty quick all back to back and then there was a pause and another lady continued down the road at full speed. At that point, I walked towards the road with my phone and showed her I was filming. She just looked at me and shook her head like she was not going to stop,” said Harmless.

The video has gone viral and also caught the attention of the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department, who has since increased patrols in the area and has officers following along gone the bus route to watch out for drivers who are ignoring Indiana State Law and putting kids in danger.

“People need to be courteous, aware and cautious,” said Harmless.

Speeding past a school bus that is pulled over with their flashers on and stop arm out is a class B misdemeanor. Violators could end up in jail for 180 days and also pay a $1,000 fine.

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