Drivers in historic Irvington routinely crash into medians, cause damage

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Drivers in historic Irvington are having trouble with the curb.

They aren't new, but the medians on Washington Street are causing problems for drivers and the people who maintain them.

Roughly seven years ago, the Irvington Development Organization put them in to beautify the historic district. They continue to pay for the maintenance on them despite being funded through donations. Arbuckle & Sons are the landscapers who maintain the project, and they say drivers smash through the medians monthly.

"Mainly, it boils down to not paying attention, but there's speed from Arlington, trying to out run the lights, people on their cell phones," listed landscape company owner John Arbuckle.

A year and a half ago, a driver crashed and took out a tree and the sign warning that the median was there. Neither have been replaced since.

Arbuckle says it happened again this past weekend. Check out the damage below.

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“I think people pick up speed coming from the east," said Arbuckle. "I think people are trying to outrun the light, and they are already going too fast.”

By law, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works is not required to have a sign there. They say it's at the discretion of their traffic team.

Arbuckle says his maintenance crew is working to get reflectors put on the curbs, as any sort of concrete bollard or large rock at the start of the median would be too dangerous.

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