Drivers still dealing with potholes, say problem is not getting better

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INDIANAPOLIS – Department of Public Works (DPW) crews continue patching massive potholes along city streets.

DPW crews have been working 10 hour days, Monday through Friday, in order to catch up with the large volume of potholes that have formed. DPW advises drivers to contact them about problematic areas. It is critical residents report potholes, so that crews know where to go to patch them.

DPW said they have received 4,000 more complaints this year than last year about potholes. They encourage people to slow down and take their time driving. It may be harder to spot potholes after it rains or snows because it covers them. DPW said that is why people need to be careful.

If you would like to report a pothole, you can go to this site: Pothole reporter

Hoosiers can call the Mayor’s Action Center, as well, to report the location of potholes. The number is (317) 327-4622.

“For the city, I wish them the best ’cause I know it’s a lot of hard work and we’re all digging out from this. So far I think they’ve been doing a pretty good job given that the weather hasn’t been cooperative,” Britt Callison said.

DPW crews are using hot mix on busier roads and treating smaller potholes using cold mix.

“I have seen horrific potholes all over town,” Rick Goode said.

An INDOT representative told FOX 59, they continue to tackle the pothole problem too. INDOT crews monitor Indiana’s interstates, highways, and state roads. Since July, their crews have received 2,000 reports about potholes. The number of reports this year is more than last year.

If you need to report a pothole to INDOT, you can call 1 (866) 849-1DOT.

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