Drivers see spike in gas prices during Spring Break following weeks of relief

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Indianapolis drivers felt some relief at the pump in recent weeks until Monday, when the price of gas jumped 30 to 50-cents at some stations across the city, just in time for Spring Break.

“It as been about $50 a week,” said Frank Haskett, an Indianapolis driver who said he already spends a lot on gas.

“I was hoping it would stay low when it started to go down,” said Maria Pimentel-Gannon, another driver.

Still, the current average statewide is $3.59 a gallon for regular gas as compared to $3.93 last year.

“Obviously Spring Break, gas prices will go up some simply because of the demand, but because Spring Break is spread out over a few weeks, different school systems at different times, we’re not looking at a dramatic impact at all,” said Greg Seiter, AAA Spokesman.

In fact, Seiter said they predict gas prices will peak lower this Spring than in previous years. Last year, the peak was $3.94 for a gallon of regular gas, and in 2011, the peak reached $3.98.

“We won’t know how long it’ll last so we’re always shopping around,” said Talha Salman, a local driver who said he often uses

The online resource quickly revealed the jump in prices on Monday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Gas prices started at $3.37 on the east side of Indianapolis.

“It’s like a yo-yo, up and down, up and down,” said Danny Pearson, another driver.

The sudden jump forced plenty of drivers to wait in line at gas stations that were still offering lower prices.

“I just dove over there, and saw it was $3.85. I made a u-turn and came back. This is a blessing,” said Pimentel-Gannon.

AAA officials also warned drivers about some ongoing maintenance issues at area refineries and production facilities. If they continue, they could impact the price at the pump.

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