Drivers, victims help each other during massive I-70 crash

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Several stories of selfless acts of heroism are beginning to come out of Thursday’s massive Interstate 70 westbound crash.

Chris Huke was just feet away from the scene and used his cell phone video camera to get footage of firefighters pulling a man out of a crushed black SUV.

“He was smashed in there and they were trying to get him out the whole time,” said Huke. “I don’t even think words can describe honestly what was going through my head.”

It wasn’t just first responders. Some told Fox59 people were helping the victims even before the first responders arrived to the scene.

“They were out of their cars. They knew more about what was going on than we did by the time we got there, because they’d been there and kind of taken a survey of who was injured, who wasn’t injured,” said Plainfield Assistant Fire Chief Brent Anderson.

He said he also witnessed victims making sacrifices to help others.

“There was a truck driver that approached me out there. He looked like he was having pretty severe back pain. He told me not to worry about him, he knew there were more serious injuries.”

He said the situation was very tough to coordinate, because it was so massive and spread out. However, all the extra help from Good Samartians helped immensely.

“It’s really good that no one actually did have fatal injuries,” said Huke.

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