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MUNCIE, Ind. — Drugs, cash and guns are now all off the streets after officers raided a home in Muncie.

On Tuesday around midnight, investigators arrested four suspects and seized drugs worth more than $20,000.

“It’s always nice to get the drugs off the streets in large quantities that we know would be getting put out on the streets. That’s always a plus,” said an undercover officer with the Muncie Police Department.

Officers tell FOX59 that tips from neighbors and surveillance helped build this case for the past six months. Drug deals were allegedly happening daily at the home on South Franklin Street.

“It was definitely a little shop that they had set up,” the undercover officer said.

Investigators say they found four firearms inside the home. One of the handguns was tracked to an Anderson burglary from earlier this year, when thieves drove a car through Crack Shot Guns.  One teenager was arrested in that case and now investigators in Anderson and Muncie are working to see if the four suspects have any connection to the crime.

Investigators believe Brandon McCain and his girlfriend, Kyrsten Brashear, were the main dealers in the operation.  Officers allegedly pulled heroin, cocaine, marijuana and a pound of crystal meth from the home where the couple was living.

“A lot of our crystal meth is coming from Indianapolis or from Dayton, Ohio [which is] starting to be a big highway to get drugs in. Once it’s here in Muncie we’re hearing other people coming from other smaller communities or towns around Muncie to buy it off the dealers here,” the undercover officer said.

Geno Crim and Brenton Goodson were also arrested during the bust.  All four suspects face drug charges.