East side residents clash with police at neighborhood meeting

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At a gym on the East side Saturday, neighbors in Brookside Park came together and sounded off at police.

“I want my house protected. What have (you) been waiting for, for me or my children to be dead, to be killed?” one neighbor said.

“This is just a little frustrating, the problem is I don’t feel that anything’s gonna come of it,” another neighbor said.

Residents organized the meeting after months of increased crime, in particular break-ins and burglaries.

“When it became so frequent, it just became maddening,” resident Dave Kathan said.

Kathan’s home was broken into five times in just two months. He even caught one suspect on camera, rifling through his living room.

“I just want these people out of my neighborhood,” Kathan said.

IMPD officers and officials with the prosecutor’s office went to the meeting, providing neighbors with information to help them. They also encouraged neighbors to step forward and call police anytime they saw suspicious activity.

“We’ve directed extra patrol as well as additional investigative resources,” IMPD Commander Jim Waters said.

Still, many neighbors said they’d taken security seriously and still seen crime rise. They’re hoping to take some matters into their own hands to take back their neighborhood.

“I don’t want to move,” Kathan said.

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