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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Public school advocates are fighting for more money to go toward funding K-12 education. They made one final push with a rally at the State House before lawmakers approve the budget.

The Indiana Public Coalition for Public Education says the Hoosier State can do better when it comes to allocating funds to public schools.

“The funding increase that has been proposed by the house this year is only a 1% overall increase. The lowest increase we’ve seen in Indiana since the great recession and we think that they can do better for our kids,” lobbyist Joel Hand said.

Many educators say they’re making up for where the state budget falls short.

“I know that you have to stretch those dollars as far as you can go and it’s still not enough. I know that teachers spend their own paychecks on kids,” Indiana State PTA President, Debbie Fox said.

As it stands, about 50% of school districts could lose money or get an increase of less than 1%.

“Now that we have seemingly recovered from the great recession and our economy is back on more stable ground now is the time to invest in our future and put more money towards our kids in our public schools,” Hand said.

But they won’t stop until they see change.

“They’re probably just going to give us a slice of the pie like they always do but what we’re going for is the whole pie,” Fox said.

Education lobbyists are encouraging supporters and parents to call their legislators to encourage them to put more money into public education.