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NORTHEAST SIDE — As the city develops more choices for your kids’ schooling, tennis legend Andre Agassi has contributed to one of the newest options.

Agassi visited the Tindley Renaissance School on the northeast side Thursday. The Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund provided funding to the charter school group’s first local elementary school.

“These are operators that have proven track records. There’s always an interesting twist to how they get these kids to believe in themselves,” Agassi said

Tindley is just one of many new options popping up around Indianapolis. Just this week, IPS announced its Innovation School Fellowships, giving privately funded grants to the best leaders who will then takeover and turnaround a failing public school.

“If they are not happy with where they’re at, they have a choice and choice is important,” parent Luanne Brown said.

Brown’s daughter chose Tindley for herself and will soon finish a master’s degree in social work.

In senior Tindley student Natalie James’ case, it took trial and error.

“When I was in 3rd grade, I went to three different schools,” James said.

Now, she’s about to graduate from high school and go to Smith College to study political science.

They are success stories in neighborhoods long plagued by their challenges. Now with hope for a future, especially for kids with a lot in front of them.

“They are our future. They will change our future and they deserve our best,” Agassi said.

For more information on Indianapolis’ school options, visit the link here.