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CARMEL, Ind.– Upset parents spoke out at Carmel Clay School Board Meeting about several books offered at school libraries that feature explicit content.

“You have lost sight of your responsibilities to educate our children,” said one parent who attended Monday night’s meeting. “Parents are learning, watching and taking action.”

“This is totally inappropriate for our K-2 students to be discussing this with anyone but their parents,” said another parent.

“If I were to read it to you, you wouldn’t be able to air it because it would be against FCC obscenity laws,” said Alvin Lui, a Carmel parent in attendance Monday. “Everyone was uncomfortable, and these are adults.”

Carmel Clay Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Beresford responded by telling parents the school district had been aware of previous concerns brought up by students’ parents over transgender books, but said this was the first he had heard about books featuring explicit sexual content.

Beresford assured parents the school corporation is looking into every book brought up during Monday’s meeting.

“Some of the books they mentioned aren’t on our rolls that we have,” Dr. Beresford said. “We are going into the buildings and looking into the buildings to make sure.”

The district will be examining all of the books mentioned and will decide what is and is not appropriate.  

“We have a procedure for that,” said Dr. Beresford. “One part of the procedure is the superintendent can direct advisory council. So, we’re going to that.”

“I want to see how they’re going to ensure how books of this nature continue to get in,” Lui said.

Dr. Beresford says he understands parents’ concerns and reminds everyone that the school’s doors are always open.  

“If there’s one reason to pull together, it’s for our children,” said Dr. Beresford. “We’re always better if we work together. This divisiveness is not a solution.”