Choices for education expand in central Indiana

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NORTHEAST SIDE — This week, an Indianapolis charter school took a big step in expanding its enrollment, pointing to a larger growth in school options for Hoosiers.

Tindley Accelerated Schools on the northeast side is piecing together its newest school block by block.

Chancellor Marcus Robinson took Fox 59 through the new Tindley Collegiate Academy, an all-girls middle school set to open in two weeks.

“We have more than doubled our capacity to be able to serve kids in Indianapolis,” Robinson said.

In June, Fox 59 met some of the girls who will go to Tindley Collegiate, including Chermar Christie, who struggled in her old public school.

“I would’ve been expelled by now, but they helped me … mature myself and correct me when I’m wrong,” Christie said.

Not only will the girls get their own school, but the middle school boys have been in a new building of their own for a year.

These new and different options for kids are a microcosm of what’s happening across the state. A national group, the Center for Education Reform, recently ranked Indiana best in the nation for parents’ power to choose their child’s education.

“Ultimately what we want is to give parents the power to know what options are available to them,” said Marc Lotter with the city of Indianapolis.

That’s where tools like the Indianapolis School Chooser Guide come in, as well as a map provided on the city’s website of all school options.

“It will help parents choose from every kind of schooling option that is contained in Marion County,” Lotter said.

Those include schools like Tindley, where a lottery is often needed for enrollment due to high demand.

“Now there’s a greater menu of opportunities for families in Indianapolis,” Robinson said.

Tindley is also building its first elementary school, set to open next year. It has two more elementary schools in the works as well.

To access Indianapolis’ school options online, go to

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