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INDIANAPOLIS– Parents have lots of questions as their children prepare for the upcoming school year and we’re taking your questions straight to the experts.

Dr. Sarah Bosslet is the Director of Primary Care at Riley Children’s Hospital. She’s also a mom — like Kris Pinto — who had a question.

“If you are vaccinated and you don’t have to wear masks, but if you’re not vaccinated, you’re supposed to wear a mask. How are they going to regulate that?” Pinto asked.

“This is tricky for teachers and staff as well,” Dr. Bosslet said. “Older kids, some schools are offering they can voluntarily show proof of vaccination and be exempted if they voluntary do that.”

“We have a choice to wear a mask or not wear one,” said 10-year-old Adelyn McCauley. “I’m going to take one just in case. I feel in control with a mask in small groups.”

McCauley isn’t old enough to be vaccinated yet, that’s why she and her 10-year-old friend Addison Seaney plan to wear a mask this year.

“When they go back to school, we do recommend as pediatricians that children who are unvaccinated wear masks in order to prevent spreading COVID and other viruses this school year,” said Dr. Sarah Bosslet, Director of Primary Care at Riley Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Bosslet recommends all children wear a mask, even if it’s an unpopular option — which is what Hoosier mom Andrea McCauley says she’s doing.

“They have an option this year and I’m going to let them make their own choice if they’re going to wear it,” Andrea said. “I will send them with it.”

She’s also monitoring the changing guidelines at her kids’ schools closely — which experts recommend.

Dr. Bosslet has one more bit of advice for hoosier parents.

“The number one things parents can do to protect their children is make sure they are vaccinated themselves,” Dr. Bosslet said.