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By Jill Glavan

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 29, 2014) — Students filmed and later circulated on social media a video of a fight breaking out in the middle of a high school biology class.

The fight, with one student taking his shirt off and fists flying between a few students, happened at George Washington High School on Friday.

Indianapolis Public School officials confirmed to Fox 59 that the video was taken inside the classroom and two of the students have since been suspended from school.

“This situation becomes more embellished because it is on social media and of course it’s a common place for student disputes to happen in high school,” Deputy Superintendent for Academics Dr. Wanda Legrand said.

Before school had even ended for the day, the video had been shared dozens of times on Facebook.

Legrand said district protocol is for teachers to get other students out of the room in the event of a fight and call the front office right away. An adult’s voice can be heard on the video doing just that, urging students to get out of the room.

The video is a minute long, however, since Legrand said a mix-up of classrooms caused IPS Police to take longer than usual to get to the room to break up the fight.

The video provided a glance into a potentially dangerous incident inside the school. Legrand said no students were injured and it is an incident the district will not tolerate.

“I want people to know that our schools are safe schools. We work very hard to make sure it’s a safe school every day at all of our high schools,” Legrand said.