Mother furious after Wayne Twp. bus driver drops son off three miles away from home

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A mother wants to know why a bus driver dropped her child off three miles away from where her son was supposed to be let off the bus.

Cynthia Flores panicked for an hour worrying something had happened to her child.

“I am thankful that he was brought to me safe and sound,” she said. “I was driving in traffic worried.”

Flores says her 8-year-old son, Christopher, is afraid to ride the bus after the mix-up.

His grandmother usually picks Christopher up from the bus stop while Flores is at work. Flores called Garden City Elementary earlier Thursday morning to let the staff know her mother had just moved to a new house on Rockville Road. But just before 5 p.m., Christopher was nowhere to be found.

“At that moment, I hung up and called 911,” said Flores.

Instead, Christopher was dropped off on Michigan Road and Holt Street about three miles away. Flores said two women saw her son walking on the street — alone and crying — and decided to take him home.

“I just want to thank them. I’m grateful that they were kind enough to bring them to me and not doing any harm to him,” she said tearfully.

Wayne Township school leaders said they are sorry about what happened. They attribute the mix-up to a breakdown of communication over the new place where Christopher was supposed to be dropped off from school.

Flores said grandma is going to be picking up her kids in the meantime, as she thanks the Good Samaritans who stepped up to help.

“Just hope that this doesn’t happen again to me or to anybody,” she said. “I can’t imagine if it had been someone else, where he could be right now.”

Wayne Township Schools says it will be talking to Garden City Elementary officials and transportation staff Friday morning to see what exactly happened.

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