Muncie Community Schools details why it parted ways with bus routing coordinator in letter

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MUNCIE, Ind.– Muncie Community Schools is ending its contact with its bus routing coordinator, True Consultant Service. A letter sent to the company is revealing a number of reasons for the move.

The district says the company has breached its agreement, which was reached in 2016. In the letter, the district lists 13 reasons:

  • Failure to devote as many hours as necessary to perform the contracted services.
  • Failure to provide formal reports to MCS regarding its consulting services.
  • Failure to provide an appropriate and accurate analysis of the routing and scheduling function currently in practice at MCS.
  • Failure to examine and understand the current systems used in the scheduling of students, bus stops, trips and drivers.
  • Failure to examine and develop an accurate routing process for MCS including “the complex phase for Fall startup and the daily change process” that occurs on an ongoing basis.
  • Failure to evaluate current MCS transportation policies in light of student eligibility requirements, ride time requirements and early/late arrive and depart requirements.
  • Failure to establish areas of responsibility for key individuals and support staff involved in routing and scheduling.
  • Failure to evaluate staffing levels and identify appropriate assignments and responsibilities vis a vis “best practices” for districts of similar size taking into account the unique complexity of MCS transportation needs.
  • Failure to compile and accurately report the status of all current student transportation routes and rider groups and provide key statistics to substantiate.
  • Failure to optimize bus routes for each rider group using maximum time and capacity parameters per current MCS policy.
  • Failure to work with Auxilio to timely assure Auxilio’s implementation of technology per its contract with MCS.
  • Failure to timely coordinate with Auxilio and MCS in regards to routes, GPS, and communications.
  • Failure to provide accurate, appropriate and acceptable edits to bus routes to assure compliance by Auxilio and its obligations to MCS.

Transportation issues at the start of the school year forced the school district to close its doors after the first day of classes. Parents complained of late buses, buses not showing up and an inability to get answers. Those days will have to be made up.

The MSD of Martinsville said it experienced issues with the same company. After bringing on True Consultant Service is February, issues at the start of the school year promoted the district to revert back to  its bus route system from previous years.

Meanwhile, Muncie schools said they’re getting help from Auxilio, the Indiana Department of Education and a team of administrators on the routes. Officials say the routes are established, but they are still working on streamlining them.

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