MUNCIE, Ind. — The issue facing too many schools in the district in Indiana: too few substitutes teachers. In effort to change that, Muncie Community Schools has changed their substitute pay rate from $105 per day to $210 for qualified candidates.

In order to qualify for the higher pay rate, individuals must fit at least one of these criteria:

  • hold a current Indiana K-12 teaching license
  • have previous certified K-12 teaching experience
  • have a master’s or doctorate degree in the field of education

The $210 rate is for daily or long-term substitutes who fit the above criteria.

“This is an important issue across the state, and I believe this incentive has real potential to attract high quality substitute teachers to Muncie Community Schools,” MCS Board President James Williams said.

Substitutes who don’t meet the criteria can still make rates between $75-$105 per day. Anyone interested in applying for a substitute position can do so at