Rising basketball star provides positive teen role model

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INDIANAPOLIS — With teenagers making a lot of negative news in the city this year, a rising star on the east side is stepping out in a positive way.

Trey Lyles brought his laid-back style and 6’10” frame to Clarence Farrington Elementary School Friday. Lyles talked to kids about the power of positive thinking and the ways you can succeed.

“I want to be a positive role model for kids and for the community,” Lyles said

Lyles’ fame is growing, after he helped lead Arsenal Tech High School to its first-ever basketball championship and committed to play for Kentucky in the fall.

He did all of that while maintaining a 3.8 GPA.

“Your teammates, your friends, teachers, whatever you have, if you work with them and collaborate with them, you’ll be successful,” Lyles told the kids

Whether it be talking some sense into a kid in the hallway who’s been in trouble or answering a question from sixth grader Marquis Driver, seeing a young man choose the high road and find success made a big impact.

“I want to play for the NBA,” Driver said.

When asked how’d he achieve that goal, Driver pointed to more than just skills.

“Get good grades and graduate from college,” Driver said.

That’s a sure sign that Lyles’ positive message is working.

“(You have to) turn all the negatives around you into a positive,” Lyles said.

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