Several school districts announce delays and closings due to cold

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Parents were already talking about Friday morning’s wait at the bus stop, Thursday afternoon.

Indianapolis Public Schools is taking a wait-and-see approach on whether to delay bus routes, but doctors are urging everyone to avoid being outside if you can.

“There’s two nice lovely churches here. Is there a reason why the churches can’t open their doors for children to step in?” said K. Valentine, whose child goes to school at IPS.

“You definitely need a long-term exposure to get frostbite,” said Dr. Aaron Holsinger, a physician at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital. “That being said, when it gets cold, if you’re out at a specific amount of time, you’re at a high risk. ”

It’s something Kim Epps of Indianapolis knows too well. She nearly lost two of her toes after suffering from frostbite while stationed in Germany more than 20 years ago.

“When I woke up, I felt tingling in my fingers,” she said. “When they got out of the foxhole, they pulled my gloves off and my fingertips and everything were blue, purple and black.”

Epps still feels the numbness and lingering effects every winter. She can barely be outside for more than five minutes.

“My little guy was in Boy Scouts and they would go camping in the winter. I just wouldn’t go,” said Epps. “I can’t just stand out there with him.”

Epps said it doesn’t matter if you’re in Germany or Indiana, dangerously cold temperatures are no joke.

An IPS spokesperson tells Fox59  thatthe district will be monitoring the weather closely in the next 12 hours. They will make a decision by Friday 6 a.m.

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