Student hospitalized after brawl at Arsenal Tech High School

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One student was rushed to the hospital after an incident that forced a partial lockdown at Arsenal Technical High School Friday.

Students said things escalated fast. It first started as a food fight in the cafeteria, then sparked another fight, which forced police to use pepper spray to break up the students.

Some said they’re scared to go to back to school. Parents are demanding school leaders to make changes at how to handle the issue.

“It occurs all the time,” said Guadalupe Wallace, who pulled her two daughters out from school after the brawl. “My children don’t eat breakfast here because of that.”

“The cops just started spraying just everywhere,” said Gloria Wallace, a freshman at Arsenal Tech. “My friend and I got hit by the spray.”

Gloria said her throat is still burning from breathing the pepper spray police had to use to stop the fights. The school was put on lockdown for the first two periods of the day.

“There’s too much fighting going on at Tech,” said Audrie Wallace, Gloria’s sister. “They use mace a lot. They use it a whole lot to break up fights, to clear people out and get them to class. They use it and threaten kids with it.”

One freshman told Fox59 he doesn’t want to come back to school. He was caught in the middle of the fight and busted his lip.

“It’s too much. It’s just too much. I can’t do this no more,” he said. “Everybody was fighting. It was just like a riot pretty much.”

“This is a school and this is where learning occurs. This activity is absolutely, positively, not going to be tolerated,” said John Aldhardt, IPS Spokesman. “I’m not going to question the decisions police make at the time. Our first priority is to make sure our students are safe and that we have a safe campus.”

It’s enough violence for on family to say the fighting needs to stop.

“I don’t know what the answer is but something needs to be changed,” said Guadalupe.

IPS said the six students who started the fight will face disciplinary action.

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