Thousands of children heading back to school, IMPD reminds drivers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 4, 2014) – IMPD is warning motorists to look out for the thousands of children heading back to school.

Monday, August 4th, is the first day of school for Indianapolis Public Schools.

IPS is one of the largest school districts in the state with an enrollment of approximately 30,800 students.

“Back to school time” is an adjustment for everyone. Not only are students adjusting to a more structured schedule, but motorists are adjusting to increased pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic.

Although it’s always a good idea to drive carefully near schools, it is vital that motorists know and obey posted school zone speed limits when they are in effect.

IMPD would like to remind drivers that the speed limit in school zones is posted at 25 mph.

Parents are also advised to avoid traveling more than 5 mph while in the school parking lot and to be very attentive to the possibility of wondering children or children exiting from a school bus or vehicles.

Additionally, it is against the law to pass a stopped school bus with flashing red lights. Doing so is considered Reckless Driving and is subject to possible arrest or summons and a fine.

Bottom line, please use common sense when passing through a school zone — SLOW DOWN.

IMPD Safety Tips:

Walking to and from school:

  • Consider if your child is mature enough to walk to school
  • Consider walking with your child the first week
  • Make sure your child’s walk to school is a safe route and they cross whenever possible where a crossing guard is present
  • Always walk on a sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk and you have to walk in the road, always walk FACING traffic
  • Walk in groups
  • Before crossing the street, stop and look left, then right, then left again

Biking to and from school:

  • Always wear a helmet, no matter how short the ride
  • Ride on the right side, the same direction as traffic
  • Be seen – Be aware – Be predictable
  • Respect traffic lights and stop signs
  • Remember to always walk your bike across a crosswalk

Riding a School bus to and from school:

  • Arrive at bus stop at least 5 minutes before bus is scheduled to arrive
  • When bus approaches stay back until bus stops and driver opens doors
  • NEVER walk behind the bus
  • If you drop something near a bus tell the bus driver
  • Use handrails when entering or exiting bus
  • Always remain seated on a bus

Media Release from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

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