Efforts underway to open animal shelter in Elwood

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ELWOOD, Ind. (April 13, 2016) — Animal care workers rescued seven neglected animals in less than 24 hours.  Some dogs were so bloody and hurt that they were in need of emergency care.

“He was constantly bleeding, bleeding, bleeding it wouldn’t have been very long,” said Lauren Caldwell, an Elwood animal control officer.

On Monday officers responded to an abandoned home in deplorable conditions and found animals inside in need of help.  On Tuesday, workers were called out to an aggressive dog fight in the backyard of a home.

“He has injuries all over his legs as well as under his chin,” said Caldwell.

All of the animals are in much better health with just a few days of proper food, water and medical attention.  City officials in Elwood say the recent cases show just how big of a need it is to have an animal shelter of their own.

There is a building designated to be the future home of an animal shelter in Elwood, but funding has prevented it from opening.  In order to bring the building up to code it needs about $30,000 in repairs.

“It is our top priority to get this shelter fully functional,” said Mayor Todd Jones.

Currently the building is being used just to hold animals until they find another shelter or rescue organization to take the animal.  The nearest animal shelter is about 25 miles away.

The city told us there are fundraising events planned and they have reached out to local businesses and volunteers.  Eight-year-old Hailey Simpson has set out donation cans and is selling T-shirts in hopes to raise money to help.

“There is no donation too small,” the young volunteer said.

Police are investigating both animal neglect cases and will decide if criminal charges will be filed against the owners. Mayor Jones is aiming to have the shelter functioning by the end of the year.

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