Elderly woman frustrated after waiting seven months for driveway work

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UPDATE: Crews arrived on Monday, as promised, to begin making repairs to the driveway. They expected to complete their work on Tuesday afternoon, just days after Sandy Clifford reached out to FOX59 for help.

ARCADIA, Ind. — An elderly woman contacted FOX59 after she waited most of the year for a crew to pave her driveway.

Sandy Clifford hired the small business, Pickett’s Paving, out of Peru in February. She said after more than 50 years in her home, it was time to re-pave the driveway.

“I spent a lot of time on it and I would fill the cracks, and then I sealed it myself. Well, it takes four hours and I’m 80 years old,” Clifford said.

She said the company’s owner, Andy Pickett, convinced her to do a “chip and seal” instead of a full paving job. On the contract, he stipulated that if Clifford didn’t like it, he “will repave with hot mix asphalt for $1,500.”

Clifford ended up deciding to have it paved with asphalt, saying the gravel she has now will make it difficult for her to shovel the drive in the winter.

After paying Pickett a $550 deposit, though, Clifford said she endured month after month of text messages back and forth, with no crew ever showing up to do the work.

“I’ve texted so many times, you know, and I thought he’s still not doing anything and everybody else said, ‘Yeah, you’re getting taken,'” Clifford said.

Clifford said she kept giving Pickett the benefit of the doubt because he was polite and often apologetic.

“I’m sorry Sandy, and I know that’s not enough,” Clifford read from one text message.

FOX59 called Pickett to see if we could get an explanation for such a long delay. We got him on the phone, and he said that he was struggling, due to his parting with a business partner and an injury.

“I’ve had to hire other people and I’ve had to wait for equipment so I haven’t been doing paving at all,” Pickett said.

Pickett offered to give Clifford her deposit back, but she said she was concerned that she would end up paying even more, given that she already had it partially completed.

As a result of our call, Pickett said he would call in favors to friends and get a crew out to Clifford’s house on Monday to do the work.

She said she was optimistic that would finally happen.

“I just don’t know, I don’t want to think that he tried to rip me off because he was just so nice,” Clifford said.

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