Eli Lilly continues drive-thru testing healthcare workers for COVID-19



Eli Lilly and Company announced Monday they will expand drive-thru testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, to Indianapolis first responders.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — For the second day, Eli Lilly and Company has held drive-thru testing at its downtown corporate headquarters for health care professionals on the front line in the battle against the COVID-19 coronavirus in Indianapolis.

Vehicles containing doctors, nurses, pharmacists and active health care employees only, no family members, entered the southeast corner of the campus off South East Street where they proceeded past signage advising the drivers to stay in their vehicles but be ready to present proof of employment and a doctor’s order calling for the COVID-19 test.

The motorists underwent a nasal swab and were questioned by Lilly employees who manned several check-in stations within a parking ground garage on the company grounds.

Those tested were required to provide their doctor’s fax number to receive test results within one to three days.

As more testing kits have become available, nearly 2,000 Hoosiers have been tested.

At 10:00 a.m. Monday morning, the Indiana State Department of Health announced there were 259 positive cases in the state, 110 of them in Marion County, and a total of seven deaths.

Over the weekend, staff at IU Health provided FOX59 News with an interview conducted with Joe Meyer, Senior V.P. of System Operations at IU Health on the hospital’s testing capabilities and protocols.

“The public will hear that testing is available and that’s a green light to rush out and be tested and the answer today is no. There will be a time for that,” said Meyer in the interview shot last Friday. “Our goal is to test as many people as we can every day of the week and today we can test about four hundred people. Next week it will be about a thousand people per day. The week after that we will be able to do about 2,500 tests per day. Our goal is to use all of that available testing to begin the triage for very sick patients and health care providers and as we can test more people of course we will make it more widely available.”

For those health care professionals who need testing Tuesday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Eli Lilly has established a hotline at 800-630-6939 to register before arrival on campus.

Watch this video of an Indianapolis nurse practitioner getting tested in real-time (Courtesy of “5 Minutes or Less Tutorials”):

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