Eli Manning narrates video tribute for brother Peyton’s retirement

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(March 8, 2016) – Eli Manning wasn’t in Denver yesterday for his brother Peyton’s retirement announcement. According to the New York Giants website, Eli was battling a stomach bug over the weekend that prevented him from making the trip out west.

But that didn’t stop the Giants quarterback from paying tribute to his brother. He teamed up with ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi to create a priceless video that includes footage of the brothers playing football in their backyard as young boys.

In an interview on the Giants’ website, Eli says there are many things he’s going to miss now that his brother is retired.

“I’ll miss getting home after a one o’clock game and watching his afternoon game on T.V. with friends and family; hopefully both of us get to celebrate wins. I’ll miss watching him play, I’ll miss talking football during the week or talking about a common opponent that we might be playing, or just calling him on the bus when we both had away games. We’d talk about how their game went or the circumstances of the game or how it played out, or a funny thing that happened. I’ll definitely miss some of those things.”

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