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FISHERS, Ind. – A Noblesville West Middle School student who was shot while in class on May 25 says she is doing “very well” during her first public interview since the shooting.

Whistler spoke with Jim, Deb, and Kevin on the 95.5 WFMS morning show on Wednesday. The 13-year-old suffered very serious, life-threatening injuries from being shot seven times in the face, neck, hand and chest. She had collapsed lungs; a broken jaw, clavicle, multiple neck vertebrae and ribs; a severed vertebral vein, significant nerve damage and other injuries.

Whistler thanked the community and the staff at Riley Hospital for their help and support. She said Taylor Swift even FaceTimed her while she was in the hospital. “She just said that she was really thinking about me, and we talked about her cats too. It was pretty great,” Whistler told WFMS.

Whistler says it’s been very weird getting recognized in public. “It’s different, but I think I’m going to get used to it… or hopefully it goes away. I don’t know!”

When the hosts at WFMS asked her what she thinks of Jason Seaman, the heroic teacher who thwarted the gunman, she admits science is her least favorite subject, but she says he’s a really good teacher. “He makes class fun,” Whistler said.