INDIANAPOLIS — Black History Month celebrations are still well underway throughout the city, but as the monthlong celebration winds down, one festival plans on providing a true cherry on top.

Art & Soul, a festival of black art & music, is the largest program run by the Indy Art’s Council and it’s sure to sound good. 

The final musical showcase starts Saturday, Feb. 25, from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Indianapolis Arts Garden where a dozen local acts will hit the stage. The show is for all ages; general admission is free but ticket upgrades are available for $15.

Indy Jazz Fest Artistic Director Rob Dixon says the event is a great way to learn something new about your community while celebrating emerging black talent and local legends like saxophone musician Wes Montgomery.

“We will pay homage to Wes Montgomery, who would’ve been 100 years old this year,” Dixon said. “And Wes Montgomery was a jazz innovator as well as an iconic, legendary musician that is just known not only for jazz… but kinda for his contribution just to the music industry as a whole.”

Dixon, an avid saxophonist in his own right, will perform songs written and recorded by Montgomery – something he calls a true honor.

“I put together a band that is paying tribute to Wes Montgomery, and we’re going to play a number of Wes’ songs. We’re going to have Wes’ youngest son speak before we do that, to talk about his father and just talk about the breath of his influence that seemed to have no boundaries across the world,” Dixon said.

Wes Montgomery got his start on the once bustling Indiana Avenue in downtown Indianapolis where he regularly performed back in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. 

As Dixon explained, it was a vibrant scene for budding jazz musicians.

“That’s where he got his start, working every weekend and next thing you know he was on a flight to New York to record his first record with Riverside and then from there on it just really opened doors for him to become an international star,” Dixon said.

Now for an event that’s a little off target, or maybe it’s right on the money, we’re talking about the Indiana Amusement and Music Operators Association’s state dart tournament.

The IAMOA event started Thursday and wraps up Sunday, Feb. 26. Nearly 1,500 dart throwers have been hitting their marks over at the Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel and you can take part by catching the action for free. Competitors throughout the start are all aiming for a $130,000 bullseye prize.