INDIANAPOLIS — The 166th edition of the Indiana State Fair is in full swing at the fairgrounds.

Families from across the state are coming out to enjoy what the fair has to offer, but many say they’re also looking for ways to save money.

At a minimum, a day at the fair will cost you $24. That’s $14 for general admission and $10 for parking. Kids under 5 are still free. But once you get inside the gates, that’s when you can start to save big!

“Once you’re in the fair, there are lots of free things,” said Anna Whelchel, chief marketing and sales officer with the Indiana State Fair. “There are over 100 free things to do. We have something for everyone, and it’s a summertime favorite.”

While some families say they will do just that and enjoy everything free, others are ready for more, like enjoying the highly anticipated fair food.

“I think I am going to try the pizza on a stick and the pickle pizza I had last year and maybe a Nutella elephant ear, whatever smells good,” said fairgoer Scott Flanagan.

Luckily, Hoosiers have some creative ways to save on food and drinks!

“We usually split something that way we can try this and try that,” said Phil Rozzi, another fair visitor. “We will eat and try a few different things, so we always split it.”

“My plan is to hit every other food stand instead of everyone, so that’s the best way to save for me because I am going to eat everything,” Flanagan said.

“Bring your own water, definitely!” said fairgoer Kristie Charlson.

You can also bring in your own water bottle with refill stations around the fairgrounds, so that is one less thing you must pay for this year.

Organizers said it is also essential to choose which day of the week you come out to the fairgrounds, and the pick of the week is every Thursday.

“We also do something called $3 Thursdays, which is $3 to get in, $3 for food, and $3 for rides,” Whelchel said. “There is no better deal than that.”

Whether you are coming out to the fair during the week or on the weekend, fairgoers say the most important thing to remember is to have fun.

“Just enjoy it,” Flanagan said. “It will cost some money, but have fun because it’s only once a year. Have a good time with it.”

The Indiana State Fair runs until Sunday, Aug. 20. For more deals and discounts, click here.