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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Outside of teachers, most people get busier in the summertime and as a result, it’s harder to keep up with current music.

Not having a consistent flow of new tunes into a music lover’s life can cause emotional distress and many other severe issues.

Luckily for you, I’m a music nerd and have complied 100 of the best songs so far this year.

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Let’s take a look at a sample of ten tracks from it that could make a case for song of the year this December.

Soccer Mommy – Your Dog

Leading off is Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, who doesn’t sound like your typical artist out of Nashville. Born from music sharing platform Bandcamp, her bedrooms songs quickly got attention and her career has skyrocketed over the last couple of years.

In addition to being in the driver’s seat for the best song of the year with “Your Dog,” she also produced a music video that’s quite interesting to say the least to accompany it.


Lord Huron – When The Night is Over

These guys are finally getting the credit they deserve with the release of their third album “Vide Noir” back on April 20.

There’s something about the general theme of this album that cuts into the soul. “When the Night is Over” will win the 2018 award for best song to make out to.


Beach House – Black Car

I’m predicting Beach House will finally pick up their first Grammy nomination with their latest release, “7.” You guessed it, its their seventh album.

Like most Beach House albums, it’s very hard to determine a favorite song because they’re all so good. However, there’s something about “Black Car”…I can’t quite put my finger on it. Take a listen for yourself.

Westerman – Confirmation

It’s new-age Sting, people. Will Westerman is a 26-year-old talent out of London who has not even released a debut album yet.

All of his singles are amazing, which will make his first LP one of the most anticipated of the not too distant future.

St. Paul and the Broken Bones – Apollo

I once wrote that St. Paul and the Broken Bones was coming for Alabama Shakes title as best band out of the state of Alabama, and then the ‘Shakes promptly shut me up with their second album “Sound & Color.”

With “Apollo,” you can start to make that argument again because this song is so fantastic. You can see them headline Garfield Park in September during Holler on the Hill.

MorMor – Waiting on the Warmth

This may be in fact the best chrous of the year so far. Judge for yourself below.

I may have to go to rehab because it’s too addicting.


U.S. Girls – Rosebud

I love when bands grind and grind to finally get noticed. That’s exactly what happened with U.S. Girls and their infectious single “Rosebud.”

Moving between Toronto and Chicago, the band released seven LP’s before  this year’s “In a Poem Unlimited.”


Let’s Eat Grandma – It’s Not Just Me

Watch out CHVRCHES, new British synth-pop duo were clearly inspired by your sound and put out an LP on the same level as “The Bones of What You Believe.”

Creative band name to say the least as well.

The Inventors – 10’s and 9’s

It would be a sin as a local news outlet not to include an Indiana band, and The Inventors are like a Triple-A prospect ready to burst into the Majors. The “Region boys” are currently cutting their teeth in Chicago and playing shows around the Midwest.

The back half of this song is what takes it over the edge.”Hold me Victoria,” lead singer Joe Mango pleads as the rest of the band kicks it into overdrive to finish.

My Friend Alan – Falling

Sax on sax, folks. I dare you not to try to groove to this song…it’s impossible.


Check in at the end of the year for a final rundown of tunes, let’s hope 2018 finishes with a fury.

2017 was hard to beat.