New wheelchair-using character on ‘Peppa Pig’ helping kids at Riley Hospital feel included

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The popular children’s show “Peppa Pig” is gaining an even bigger audience with the addition of a new character – Mandy Mouse.

Mandy gets around in a wheelchair and therapists at Riley Hospital for Children say it’s making more kids feel included.

Those at Riley say the TV show didn’t draw any special attention to the character’s arrival and that’s something parents of children with disabilities applaud.

Isabelle Jones is a patient at Riley. The 8-year-old has cerebral palsy which confined her to a wheelchair when she was 18 months old.

“She seems to like that and the idea of it being in a wheelchair that she can relate with it a little more too,” said Donald Jones, Isabelle’s father.

Her therapist, Sarah Johnson, says normalizing disabilities answers others’ questions.

“It’s also really important for her peers in school to be able to watch something like that and see that a wheelchair is just kind of something that someone has,” said Johnson. “It isn’t necessarily abnormal or weird. It’s just a different piece. She’s Isabelle. She’s not Isabelle in a wheelchair.

Isabelle tells FOX59 that “Peppa Pig” is her favorite show – and her grandma even made her a special cake based on the show for her birthday last year.

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