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Review by Dustin Heller

The LEGO Batman Movie is the new computer-animated movie from the same folks that brought us The LEGO Movie back in 2014.  Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the writers and directors of the original film, act as producers on this movie and hand over the directing reigns to Chris McKay.   The LEGO Batman Movie will serve as McKay’s feature film directorial debut.  The excellent voice work includes the likes of Will ArnettZach GalifianakisMichael CeraRosario Dawson and Ralph FiennesThe LEGO Batman Movie is rated PG by the MPAA for rude humor and some action.

Batman has kept the streets of Gotham crime-free for years by always doing things on his own and never needing anyone’s help.  When a new police commissioner is appointed, she wants to see the city work more as a team to fight crime and not just rely on one masked vigilante.  Batman obviously doesn’t like this idea as has he grown accustomed to being a loner in both is personal and professional life.

As this shift in power is taking place, the Joker is planning his most diabolical scheme yet.  The Joker’s plan is to hand himself over to the authorities and in turn release all of the world’s most vile villains from captivity.  Batman will soon realize that he cannot win this time all by himself and he’s going to the need the help of the new commissioner, Alfred, and even his newly adopted son.

The LEGO Batman Movie is a smart, funny, action-packed blockbuster the whole family will love.  I think the parents are going to enjoy this just as much as the kids.  The thing that truly makes this a fantastic movie is the incredibly intelligent and quick-witted screenplay, not to mention the gorgeous animation.  The one-liners come at you fast and furious and if you’re not paying attention you might just miss some of them.

I believe Will Arnett was born to play this snarky, arrogant Batman and I can’t imagine anyone else in the role.  Warner Bros. really has something great on their hands with this new LEGO film franchise and it feels like they have exactly all of the right people involved; from the writing, to the directing, and even the voice work.  They have really knocked it out of the park with both of their installments in this franchise.  The LEGO Batman Movie is a great excuse to get the family out of the house and into the Cineplex to overcome the doldrums of February.

Grade:  A

The LEGO Batman Movie opens in theaters on Friday, February 10