VIDEO: Meerkats at the Indianapolis Zoo go wild over pumpkin

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 9, 2015)– The Indianapolis Zoo posted a video of a group of meerkats devouring a Jack-o’-lantern.

They put a camera inside the pumpkin to capture these curious animals investigating and eating it.

They also shared some fun facts about meerkats:

  • Meerkats are excellent diggers. And their long, sharp claws are perfect for tasks like finding insects hidden in the dirt or building an underground burrow for shelter.
  • These desert-dwellers are highly social and live in packs, also called mobs. The groups can include dozens of individuals from multiple meerkat families.
  • The Indianapolis Zoo’s mob currently consists of five lively meerkats.
  • Though pumpkin isn’t a food meerkats would typically find in the wild, the zoo’s meerkats can’t get enough — so much so that zookeepers only offer it in small quantities and on very special occasions (like ZooBoo, which continues for the next three weekends).

If you want to see the meerkats for yourself, zoo tickets can be purchased here.

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