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By Eric Levy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 13, 2014) — Explosions, thick smoke and evacuations in downtown Indianapolis. It was all caused by an equipment malfunction.

Indianapolis Power and Light says a failed network protector, which is like a big circuit breaker, caused all of the panic. The thick, brown smoke lifting from underneath downtown Indianapolis, the loud booms taking on the sound of a bag of popcorn in a microwave. That’s what the scene was like as the drama played out. A few hours later, it was a much more tranquil scene, as IPL crews were able to go underground and figure out why that equipment failure caused such a mess.

“No system is without failure, things happen with any system, we take pride in the fact that we’re focused on the safety and the reliability of our system,” said Brandi Davis-Handy, spokeswoman for IPL.

At times, that system that IPL talked about can have problems. Just this year, manhole covers exploded and went into the air in downtown back in March. An underground cable malfunctioned and caught fire causing that. In 2012, surveillance video caught a bright flash of light, smoke and a flying manhole cover from an explosion. IPL was quick to defend itself.

“Unfortunately these things happen, but we spend a lot of money, time and resources in making sure we have one of the best underground networks, and we definitely do,” said Davis-Handy.

Power was out for a short time for two restaurants, but they had to close and lose about a day’s worth of business because of it.

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