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CUMBERLAND, Indiana — It took police several hours to round up three escaped goats from a Cumberland farm during the weekend, officials said.

The goats managed to get loose Sunday from a pasture on the Hancock County side of Cumberland because an unsecured gate, according to one of the officers who ended up in hot pursuit of the animals after they wandered into in the nearby Valley Brook area of Cumberland.

“It was crazy,” Officer Brent Brown told in a phone interview on Monday, “neighbors came out trying to help, while I had a rope in my hand.”

Brown – an unpaid reserve officer for the town of Cumberland – spent over three hours chasing after the goats, alongside shift supervisor Lt. Loren Hansford, before successfully capturing the fugitive farm animals in the residential neighborhood.

“Better to chase farm animals than people,” Brown quipped, “it’s probably one of the better assignments I’ve had.”

When he’s not weekend goat chasing, Brown works as a full-time investigator for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office handling adult protective services – which involves cases of abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable elderly adults.