‘Everyone is calling me Batman’: Fountain Square neighbors go after neighborhood burglars

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — They’ve been called Batman, but they are more like Bruce Wayne. A group of Fountain Square neighbors is going after crime in their own neighborhood.

The civilian sleuths began seeing burglars going through their North Square community. It’s a sought after real estate hotspot full of beautifully renovated homes and fresh faces.

“This area is flipped, and there happens to be a lot of money, “said Mike Angel who lives in the area and owns a Fountain Square business, “People are leaving for the holidays, so there’s a lot of criminals east of here that realize that.”

For the past month, Angel and about ten other neighbors have been monitoring a burglary ring on their own. They have been gathering information through surveillance cam footage. They say thieves on bikes scope the area out during the day to look for potential targets. Later, crews in mid-90’s Chevy pickup trucks will come in to grab the loot.

“There is a large group of people who know who most of these suspects are,” Angel said, “You would think that the clock is ticking for these guys. All I can do is encourage people to stay vigilant, protect themselves, protect their neighborhoods.”

So far they have broken into homes, cars, and garages. All of the info they gather is being relayed to police.

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