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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 26, 2015) – “He said move over to the passenger seat, or I will kill you,” says a woman, who asked to not be identified, as she told her story to FOX59.

Those are the terrifying words a 30-year-old Indianapolis mother said she heard before she and her 6-month-old girl were nearly kidnapped Saturday morning.

The woman, who asked FOX59 to hide her identity, says a white male in his upper 50’s was sitting in a blue PT Cruiser in the Walmart parking lot on Keystone Avenue, watching her unload her groceries before he pulled out a gun and tried to hijack her minivan, while her daughter was in the back seat.

According to the victim, the man was wearing a blue security guard uniform and armed with a chrome handgun, when he pulled open her car door and tried to force himself into her minivan, repeatedly threatening her life.

“There was something very disturbing about him,” she says.

The single mother says the suspect watched her from his side view mirror until she got inside of her car and believes he did not want her belongings.

“He could have demanded money or anything he wanted, and he didn’t. He was just pushing me into the car,” says the victim.

She finally saw a man getting into his truck and noticed a Walmart employee walking nearby and knew that was her chance to get help.

“I just took my chance and I screamed help and I pushed him,” she says.

The suspect fled the scene in his blue PT Cruiser. If you have any information on the incident call IMPD or Crime Stoppers.