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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (Nov. 17, 2014)– FOX59 was alerted last Friday of a bracket-style ranking system created by students at Zionsville High School.

The bracket allegedly was made in order to rank girls at the school in relation to physical attractiveness.

Fake sponsors were also attached to the bracket. A Twitter account had been created for the bracket, but has since been deleted.

According to Zionsville Community school officials, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred.

Zionsville senior Grace Labuzan is upset by the bracket. Labuzan says it continues to distract students at school.

“A lot of girls were offended by this. I don`t know how they find it a joke. I`ve been bullied before, I want to speak out for those that are too afraid or too quiet to speak out against it because it is wrong,” she said.

Psychologist Dennis Kinder with Children’s Resource Group says two out of ten teens will be bullied online.

“The damage is done within seconds, not minutes,” Kinder said.

Kinder says parents play the biggest role in stopping cyber bullying. He suggests parents watch social media accounts and set up rules and guidelines before teens start using social media.

“Parents are the ones who are going to be aware of what their kids are doing. What social media they using, and how are they are utilizing it. They really have to get involved in that,” Kinder said.

Labuzan hopes the bracket incident serves as a reminder to fellow teenagers to be cautious when posting on social media.

“If it`s something that you know is going to hurt someone, I don`t see the point in posting it,” she said.

It is unclear how many students were involved or what type of disciplinary consequences were set.

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