Experts remind drivers to check fluids, hoses and tires before Spring Break travel

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It was Panama City or bust for Val Muncy and her crew Friday.

“Very excited, very excited,” said Muncy.  “Oh man.”

The foursome left Noblesville Friday afternoon.  Thirteen hours later they expected to be on the beach soaking up some rays, well on their way to a well deserved break.

“No week-long vacations for 10 years, other than a weekend off once in a while,” said traveler Mary Singleton.

But before the trek, experts want to remind drivers to make sure vacation vehicles are up to speed.

“You know it is general maintenance, but we tend to overlook those types of things, especially when we are in a hurry and packing,” said AAA Hoosier Insurance Spokesman Greg Seiter.

If drivers do not, Seiter saids you could be stuck, stranded by the side of the road on your phone with your Spring Break plans in park.

“That means checking the fluid levels, making sure those tires are properly inflated,” said Seiter.  “Looking at the hoses to make sure there are no signs of cracking or damage there.”

Muncy was not taking any chances.

“We had it all checked out and everything and we are good to go,” said Muncy.

After that, all she had to do was follow her GPS and make sure another important fluid was fully stocked.

“Diet Mountain Dew!!!” screamed Muncy.

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