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INDIANAPOLIS – As more people start to travel again, industry insiders say consider adding travel insurance to your to-do list.

A trip can cost thousands of dollars, so experts say to make sure you’re covered in case COVID-19 cancels plans.

Case numbers, vaccination rates and COVID restrictions vary by country, by state and by county.

Current data from the CDC shows, in the United States, over 50 percent of the total population is vaccinated. But worldwide, data shows that number is only around 12 percent.

Local travel insurer Seven Corners said travel insurance will cost roughly four to ten percent of a trip’s total cost.

“People are buying spending money on these once in a lifetime trips to Europe or Asia.. and they come down with COVID before their trip and they can’t go,” said Jeremy Murchland, president of Seven Corners Travel Insurance. “Well, the airline tickets are nonrefundable at that point, wherever they’re staying is nonrefundable, and if you don’t have travel insurance, you’re going to be stuck and out that money.”

Travel insurance has always been an option, but COVID-19 restrictions and cancelations brought it to the forefront. Without it, Murchland said travelers could lose every dollar paid.

“We’ve seen people out tens of thousands of dollars, unfortunately, and medically it’s even worse,” Murchland said. “I think that’s what people don’t realize, their domestic insurance many times doesn’t travel with them. If you get severely sick overseas and you’ve got to be on a medical transport back, forget the trip cost, that’s where expenses can really add up.”

Murchland said, shop around before you travel. Ask specifically about COVID coverage, and make sure it’s not excluded. Also, ask if a policy has exclusions for locations under U.S. State Department travel warnings. Finally, if you need medical care in a different state or country, be sure to ask what that coverage looks like.

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