Experts say climbing gas prices won’t impact Hoosier holiday weekend travel plans

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Nearly 42 million people will travel this holiday weekend, according to AAA. The holiday weekend travel for Memorial Day is expected to be a five percent increase from last year.

Hoosier drivers are taking advantage of the next few days to plot out their trips before the big Friday rush.

"Pretty much going to different cities. I got a lot of people in different cities," driver Kyle Barnett said. "I pretty much know all the traffic in different cities, so I know how to avoid it, the best way I can."

This year, though, it's not just traffic that could create headaches for drivers. Gas prices are higher than they've been since 2014.

"They need to bring it down just a little bit. This three-something isn't going to work for me. It's too much," Barnett said.

Prices at many pumps across the state are quickly reaching more than $3.10/gallon. On Wednesday, Hamilton County clocked in with the highest numbers at $3.140/gallon. Marion County's gas prices were $3.104/gallon on Wednesday, and Hendricks County's average prices were $3.134/gallon, according to AAA.

Experts said though, the high prices typically don't impact travel plans.

"They're not going to cause people to change their travel plans. People are either going to travel, or they won't. They've already made their travel plans, so they're probably going to stick with them," said Hoosier Motor Club Public Affairs Manager Greg Seiter. "People tend to pay a little more attention to gas prices when they hit that $3 threshold, so they’re going to start to make some changes. Maybe they won’t shop as often. Maybe they’re going to put off a major purchase."

Right now, gas prices in Indiana are higher than the national average, according to AAA.

For more on a county and state cost/gallon breakdown, click here.

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