Explosive IUPUI class gives students hands-on experience

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Some local college students got a unique hands-on experience in Indianapolis Friday.

The Post Blast Investigation Class for Criminal Justice students at IUPUI was held at Eagle Creek for the sixth consecutive year.

Nearly 30 students are divided into teams. They’re tasked with investigating and finding a cause for one of four mock crime scenes that involved an explosive device in a car.

Members of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Bomb Squad, ATF and other agencies assisted with the project.

Students say the hands-on experience will help them in their future careers and gives them a new appreciation for what the pros do on a regular basis.

“I think it’s great that we’re out here doing what they’re doing on a daily basis and we really understand the in-depth part of what they do,” said senior Stephanie Johnson.

“It’s a hand-on crime scene. It’s a scene students work just like I do every day at work. You can sit in the classroom and learn quite a bit, but once you apply it, I think you retain it better,” said class instructor Steve Davis.

The students said they enjoyed the unique experience. As for Davis and the other professionals?

“It’s a blast. I have a blast with it, no pun intended, and the students always have fun,” Davis said.

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