INDIANAPOLIS – Another string of 90+ degree days will linger in Indiana through the weekend. Now is a great time to chat about heat safety and crunch some numbers regarding this hot summer!

The heat is on

First, let’s talk heat safety. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are fairly similar, but their warning signs look different. Recognize if you start to feel any of the heat-related symptoms below, and take action. Breaks from the hot outdoors are so important in order to prevent injury from heat!

Car temperatures

Temperatures in a closed off space in the sun can rise so incredibly quickly! On a hot 90° day, it only takes 10 minutes before the internal temperature of the car goes up to 109°. After an hour, that car cooks up to 133°.

What can we do?

Luckily, there is a way to beat the heat through very common sense methods. This weekend, it will be important to wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Take plenty of breaks from the outdoors, and drink plenty of water!