FAA working to identify plane after fatal Bloomington crash

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By Jill Glavan

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (September 18, 2014) -- Investigators are trying to figure out where a plane that crashed in Bloomington, killing two men, was going.

The plane crashed just before 1 p.m. across the street from the Monroe County Airport.

"It's terrible. It's really terrible," neighbor Wanda Bennett said.

Bennett was out mowing her lawn when the plane went down next door in her sister-in-law's backyard.

"I heard this crash and boom. ... I looked up in the sky and there was just a big billow of real black smoke," Bennett said.

The crash killed two men inside the plane and a heavy fire made it difficult to identify the bodies.

"The airplane did catch fire and burn. We do not know if it happened in the air or on the ground," aviation safety inspector Steve Burnham said.

Monroe County Airport Director Bruce Payton said the pilot did call air traffic controllers when he was seven miles out.

"(He) had reported what appears to be a low pressure fuel indication," Payton said.

Still, Payton said the pilot did not signal an emergency. Controllers heard from him again three miles out on approach to the runway but heard nothing after that.

"The air traffic controller saw the large puff of smoke and immediately contacted emergency response," Payton said.

Fellow pilot Richard Frisbie was over at the airport when the crash happened. He rushed to the scene when he heard.

"I'm a little bit worried. I don't know who it is. ... It doesn't make you feel good. Makes you wonder what happened," Frisbie said.

The FAA planned to be back on scene to begin clearing wreckage on Friday morning. They'll first work to identify the plane and the two men inside. A full investigation could take months to complete.

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