Fake Good Samaritans targeting elderly Hoosiers with credit card stealing scam


KOKOMO, Ind. — Kokomo police are on the hunt for two scammers who are stealing credit cards from elderly Hoosiers.

“It’s a generation that has put in their time working. Most worked their whole life, and for someone to come take their savings from them is pretty despicable,” said Kokomo Police Captain Bruce Rood.

It’s a simple scheme. The suspects approach their target saying they dropped a twenty dollar bill. They then offer to help the victim put the bill into their wallet. That’s when they steal the victim’s credit cards. In one instance, a suspect was helping a victim get into their car while the scammer’s partner was inside a store draining the victim’s account.

The scam is happening in both Kokomo and Frankfort. The duo may also be hitting in Indy and Logansport. They have been seen on camera driving a white Chrysler van that is believed to be a 2015 or newer model.

“The scheme is the same. I know in one instance they stood in line behind an elderly lady and watched her punch in her PIN number,” described Captain Rood.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Central Indiana says the elderly are typically targeted less than younger Hoosiers, however, when they do fall for a scam it is usually for more money.

“Reason for that is most scams come through the internet, and more young people fall for those. These types tend to be more the elderly for these personal one-on-one scams. Elderly tend to have a little bit more money, so we find that when they do fall it’s for more money,” explained Tim Maniscalo, president and CEO of the Central Indiana BBB.

“Your wallet is kind of like your baggage at your airport, don’t let anyone touch it. Keep it attended. Particularly if they want to be overly helpful, most people would say here’s your $20 and walk away.”

If you find yourself face to face with these scammers, do not accept the money. If you are in a store, alert staff, so their security team can track the suspects.

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