INDIANAPOLIS — Dozens of community members trained alongside the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Tuesday as part of the second Annual “Be Like Bre” Challenge.

The event was held at the department’s training academy and was meant to honor fallen IMPD officer Breann “Bre” Leath.

Officer Leath was killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic disturbance call back in 2020. This Saturday, April 9th, marks the two-year anniversary of her death.

“She was an incredible person,” said Desiree Biggers, one of Leath’s best friends and a patrol officer with IMPD. “If you don’t know what actually feeling sunshine is – that was Breann.”

Clouds took over the skies Tuesday evening as the event started, but Biggers said she could still feel her best friend’s light shining through.

“We’re missing that light, but we will continue on in her legacy,” Biggers said. “‘Be Like Bre’ is as strong as it was on April 9th 2020 as it is today.”

To honor Officer Leath, police officers and community members joined together for a workout challenge. It started with a two-mile run followed by 77 push-ups, 77 sit-ups, and 77 squats. Joined together – the workout equals Officer Leath’s resting unit number – B231.

“It was great. The community show up, IMPD officers show up, So we’re like ‘Hey why not – let’s also do another one’ and make sure we keep doing it in remembrance of her. [To] make sure she’s never forgotten,” said Sgt. Babacar Diouf.

As Officer Leath’s former field training officer, Sgt. Diouf started the ‘Be Like Bre’ Challenge last year as a way to honor the legacy she leaves behind.

“She was a great woman, a great mom, a great police officer,” said Sgt. Diouf.

Now, IMPD officers vow to make it an annual tradition — bringing the community together.

“We’re going to do this every year,” said Biggers. “We want to make sure that we don’t forget, but we also want to make sure that [Bre] knows that we’ll never forget her and what she brought to this community.”

Biggers said there is still an opportunity for those who could not make it to this year’s event to ‘Be Like Bre.’

“If you are looking to do something in Breann’s honor this week, by all means find a family that is struggling,” said Biggers. “Inflation is getting at all of us right now. Gas prices are high. Do something nice for someone. If you see somebody trying to get gas and it looks like they’re only putting $10 in their tank and you can spare $5 – that’s a Breann thing right there.”

The event was free and open to all ages, but donations were also being accepted. All funds raised from this event will go to Officer Leath’s young son.

If you are interested in donating, read more about the Central Indiana Police Foundation’s Breann Leath Memorial Fund.