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WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 15, 2014) – The mother of a fallen Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officer is providing much needed comfort to the families who lost a son or daughter in the line of duty. Sheri Bradway lost her son, Officer Rod Bradway, nearly two years ago when he was shot while responding to a domestic violence call.

Sheri wanted to find a way to remember her son while helping other mothers. She started a project called “A Quilt for Mother’s Tears.”

“And with a quilter, when you’re given scraps you make a quilt and after we lost Rod our lives were in scraps, it was shattered so I had to put that back together and every mother does, every family because that officer is part of them. This is my way of not forgetting those mothers,” said Bradway.

She makes a quilt for the mother of every single police officer killed on the job. She started the project in September 2014 and so far she’s helped make 128 quilts. Sheri doesn’t do it alone, a team of volunteers work with her to put the quilts together.

“Every time an officer passes my heart cries a little bit because I know what that mother and what that family is going to go through and it’s hard,” said Bradway.

Some of the quilts were passed out to mothers during National Police Week. The South Bend Police Department helped Bradway transport 61 quilts to Washington, D.C.

Sheri gave one of the handmade quilts to Becky Hayek who lost her son, Tyler Stewart, on December 27, 2014.

“Receiving one of these quilts is like oh so emotional, it’s just amazing that Sheri has come up with this idea and it’s just an amazing thing,” said Hayek.