Famed Chicago pizzeria setting up shop in Indy

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INDIANAPOLIS – You can call it a coup for lovers of the Chicago-style pizza pie!

Our partners at the Indianapolis Business Journal report nationally recognized pizzeria Giordano’s is on its way to the circle city. The new shop is set to go in at a space off East 82nd Street, near Keystone Avenue.

So what does this mean for Chicago-style kitchens already in place here?

Signs of the Windy City aren’t hard to spot in Hoosier country. We’ve got our share of pizza parlors.

“People keep coming back for more, we’re doing more business than we ever dreamed of,” said Todd Roush with South of Chicago.

From South of Chicago in Fishers, to Roselli’s in Carmel, these places are all about making up a Chicago-style pie, with good service to boot.

“It’s about the high quality,” said Jacob LaRosa with Roselli’s.

But now they all might have to sauce it up a little bit, with Wednesday’s news that Chicago staple Giordano’s is slated to open a restaurant on the city’s northeast side.

“It’s a good-name pizza,” said Jack Turso, a Chicago native.

Turso knows the Giordano’s brand, but he said he’s found good pizza here. Indianapolis is a city that’s seen its share of Chicago-style shops come and go.

“You’ve got to have fresh Chicago-style pizza, and that’s what they expect,” said Roush.

Those in the business of selling deep-dish pizzas tell us Windy City natives look for good food.

“Even if you have Chicago-style on your door front, that doesn’t mean that someone that loves that food’s going to come in and come back just because it says Chicago-style,” said LaRosa.

As for the competition from a notable name, both pizzerias agree they are up for the challenge.

“It’s definitely a battle,” said Roush.

FOX59 did reach out to Giordano’s on Wednesday, but we didn’t hear back. We also don’t have a timeline for when the restaurant could be opening, but deep-dish pizza lovers call the move significant because Giordano’s currently only has locations in Illinois and Florida. This would be their first expansion to Indiana.

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