Families call for safety upgrades to Zionsville intersection

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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. - One week after a fatal crash in Zionsville, some families are calling on town leaders to take action to make a stretch of road safer.

Police say a teenage driver’s vehicle crossed the center line near Oak Street (State Road 334) and Kissel Road, causing a head-on crash last Wednesday.  An 82-year-old woman died.

When Nicole Adams heard that, she knew she had to do something.

Just six months ago, she had been hurt in an accident on Oak Street. Her husband was driving the family towards I-65 and as he approached Kissel, Adams said he hit a dip in the road as he glanced at his rear view, and by the time he looked up there was a dump truck stopped right in front of them.

"When he looked up he realized that the dump truck that we had been following had come to a screeching halt, because the car in front of it had decided abruptly that they wanted to make a left turn," she explained. "We ended up hitting the dump truck going 45 miles per hour."

Adams believes the accident could have been prevented if there had been a stop light.

After the accident, she started hearing lots of complaints from other families about that stretch of road.

"We hear squealing tires. We hear horns. We hear crunching metal," said Jill Meyers, who lives off of Oak and Kissel. She saw the Adams family wreck and has seen multiple others in the 12 years she's lived there.

It's affected her family, she said. She's even had to nurse victims as they wait for emergency crews and has repeatedly picked up her daughter from school when there's an accident at the intersection and the school bus can't make a stop.

We looked into the data and according to the Boone County Sheriff's Department, there have been three accidents at the Oak and Kissel intersection since September of 2015. There were two more accidents just east of the intersection.

The cause of the deadly crash last week is still under investigation.

"We do take this very seriously," said newly elected Mayor Tim Haak. "It’s been on our radar for a couple of years and we’re going to work as hard as we can to make it as safe as possible.

Haak told FOX59 there are plans to study the Oak and Kissel intersection this year.

"To look at a short-term solution that could involve a stop light," he said.

The study should only take a few months and depending on the results, changes could take shape by the end of the year.

Adams said that's not fast enough. She wants the town to expedite the process based on the data they already have.

"That’s just a starting point. And I’m thankful for it, but I am hoping that action will be happening sooner rather than later," said Adams. "I just really want people to know how dangerous it is."

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