Families face bus issues on first day of school in Anderson

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ANDERSON, Ind. – Some families in Anderson had a rough start to their school year. One parent told FOX59 the school bus didn’t pick up his son for the first day of school.

In fact, Anderson Community Schools’ superintendent says several parents came to him with complaints about the buses Wednesday morning, but he says a lot of these issues will be over by next week.

“That first day with traffic or trains coming through town might alter traffic a little bit and can have an impact on buses,” Superintendent Tim Smith said.

Smith says traffic issues may be intensified with the opening of the new intermediate school for 5th and 6th graders.

“At the intermediate school I had two or three families come in with the same situation. A kid missed the bus or the bus didn’t show up to the right location this morning,” Smith said.

Due to the shortage of bus drivers, the school must shuttle some kids from the elementary school to the intermediate school, which can cause students to be late getting to and from school.

“Most of the time, for a lot of bus drivers it is a part time job. It’s not a big paying job, so as people retire and move on there’s not a new group of bus drivers coming in; so it does create an issue,” Smith said.

One parent brought their concerns to FOX59. They dropped their child off at his typical bus stop location at 6:40 Wednesday morning. It was 10 minutes before his bus was supposed to come. This parent says it never showed up.

“We do everything we can to prepare for those things and set our times accordingly, but there are always issues that can creep up that can cause us to be a few minutes late,” Smith said.

It could be issues like having a substitute driver and they could miss a stop.

“We don’t want our kids to be out waiting on the corner with no buses coming by,” Smith said.

Smith says he does apologize to parents if their kids were left at the bus stop this morning.

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